Vectra NDR

Vectra NDR

AI-Driven Network Detection and Response

Vectra NDR (Network Detection and Response) is an advanced security solution for detecting threats in your network, taking preventive actions against them, and stopping attacks. While traditional security measures focus on preventing attackers from entering your network, Vectra NDR monitors activity within your network to detect attacks and respond quickly to them.

This solution uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn normal network activity and identify potential threats by detecting abnormal behaviors. It quickly isolates, analyzes, and automatically responds to attacks. Thus, attacks are detected and blocked instantly, preventing data breaches and damage.

Vectra NDR continuously monitors your network in real-time, detecting advanced threats and instantly alerting your security team. This enables rapid detection and closure of security vulnerabilities, ensuring the continuous protection of your network.

In summary, Vectra NDR offers a proactive approach to network security, complementing traditional security measures and more effectively protecting your network.


Network Visibility

Vectra NDR meticulously monitors the traffic in your network, distinguishing between normal and abnormal activities. This enables you to observe every kind of movement in the network and view the current situation instantly

AI-Driven Detection

Algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning analyze normal network behaviors and swiftly detect potential threats by identifying abnormal patterns.

AI-Driven Triage

It prioritizes and analyzes detected threats, thereby determining which are more urgent and facilitating a rapid triage process for the security team's intervention

AI-Driven Prioritization

It prioritizes and analyzes detected threats, thereby determining which are more urgent and facilitating a rapid triage process for the security team's intervention

Advance Investigation

It provides advanced tools for diagnosis and investigation, allowing for detailed analysis of attacks to understand the origins of events and how threats emerge

Built-In Response Actions

It offers automatic or guided response options to detected threats, enabling automatic reactions to attacks or facilitating manual interventions by the security team

Services Capabilities


Incident Response


Managed Detection & Response


Brand Identity

Vectra NDR Platform

Vectra’s TDR (Threat Detection and Response) platform unifies a wide range of attack surfaces under one roof, providing comprehensive protection in areas like cloud, SaaS, identity, and network. Supported by Security AI technology, its Attack Signal Intelligence offers defense against modern and advanced cyber attackers, ensuring control is in your hands.

Attack Coverage: The ability to detect and eliminate unknown threats in areas such as cloud, SaaS, identity, and network.

Signal Clarity: The capability to automatically identify and prioritize unknown threats with the clear and precise signals provided by Attack Signal Intelligence.

Control: The opportunity to strengthen security operations by supporting human intelligence with the capability to monitor, investigate, and effectively respond to threats. This platform offers a smartly integrated set of features to detect and effectively respond to threats on each attack surface. It provides you with a strong advantage in detecting, prioritizing, and responding to attacks, helping you more securely protect your organization’s digital assets.


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    Why Enterprise Choose Vectra

    SentielOne provides a proactive cyber security solution against today’s cyber attacks with its advanced infrastructure and modern cyber security endpoint solutions.

    Vectra seamlessly integrates with various security components such as cloud networks, firewalls, Extended Detection and Response (XDR) security solutions, as well as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) systems.

    The ability to flexibly deploy Vectra’s solutions in physical, virtual, or cloud environments provides comprehensive protection across diverse infrastructures.

    “By eliminating numerous false positives, Vectra reduces the burden of investigating and scrutinizing these inaccuracies, thereby minimizing the risks associated with missing real threats.

    Vectra’s capabilities quickly halt ongoing attacks while providing security analysts with valuable time to proactively investigate and conduct in-depth analysis of threats.

    By automating Tier-1 and Tier-2 analysis tasks, it reduces the overall workload in security operations and allows teams to focus on more critical tasks

    Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence provides comprehensive signals that help analysts automate manual tasks such as threat detection, classification, and prioritization. This greatly simplifies the response process

    Ensures That You Know If And When Your Network

    Vectra quickly alerts about the network’s compromised state, enabling organizations to effectively manage and mitigate potential threats

    By expanding its coverage area and reducing investigation times, Vectra quickly identifies threats, resulting in a significant reduction in Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).

    Vectra NDR


    SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform has many features in addition to the features mentioned above.

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