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ProofPoint Mail Security

Proofpoint Email Protection stands as a front-runner in email gateways, adaptable for cloud-based or on-premises deployment. It excels in identifying both familiar and unfamiliar threats, thanks to NexusAI, its advanced machine learning technology. This solution accurately categorizes diverse email types while effectively detecting and thwarting threats, even those lacking malicious payloads, such as business email compromise (BEC), utilizing its Advanced BEC Defense. Moreover, it offers the capability to automatically flag suspicious emails, enhancing user awareness, and provides rapid email retrieval. Additionally, its fine-grained email filtering ensures the management of spam, bulk graymail, and other undesirable email content.

PtoofPoint Mail Security

Platform Capabilities


Raise User Security Awareness

The email warning tag empowers users with risk information, promoting cautiousness for uncertain emails. Users can report suspicious emails from the tag, enhancing security. Admins can enable user management of encrypted messages and low-priority emails, improving bulk mail classification through user feedback.

Centrally Manage across Email Encryption and DLP

Extend your protection effortlessly by integrating Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection, Email Fraud Defense, Email Encryption, or Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP). While Email Protection offers fundamental email encryption and DLP features, you can access more robust solutions for email encryption and DLP within the same management console. This seamless integration facilitates the management of sensitive data transmitted via email, preventing data leakage or loss, and ensuring compliance with various regulatory requirements.

Track Down Any Email in Seconds

Email Protection boasts the industry's most potent search capability. Utilizing the smart search feature, you can effortlessly locate elusive log data using a multitude of search criteria. This functionality enables rapid tracing of email origins and destinations. Email Protection furnishes you with in-depth insights into search results, encompassing metadata featuring over a hundred attributes. Moreover, the search process is completed in mere seconds, rather than minutes.

Detect Phishing, Impostor And Fraudulent Email

Email Protection proactively identifies emerging threats, preventing them from reaching your users' inboxes. Proofpoint's Advanced BEC Defense, fueled by NexusAI, is tailor-made to effectively thwart various email fraud schemes, including payment redirection and supplier invoicing fraud arising from compromised accounts. These threats demand a more advanced detection approach, as they often lack a detectable malicious payload. Advanced BEC Defense is our cutting-edge detection engine, leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, purpose-built to identify and halt Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks. It dynamically identifies BEC by scrutinizing multiple message attributes.

Block Malicious And Unwanted Email

Email Protection incorporates a robust array of detection methods to safeguard against ever-changing threats effectively. It employs signature-based detection to intercept well-known threats such as viruses, trojan horses, and ransomware. Additionally, dynamic reputation analysis is utilized to continuously evaluate both local and global IP addresses, aiding in determining the acceptance of email connections. Our unique email classifier dynamically categorizes a diverse range of emails, encompassing impostor, phishing, malware, spam, bulk mail, adult content, and circle of trust. Incoming emails are systematically quarantined based on their types, providing comprehensive protection from the earliest indications of malicious activity.

Scales for Large Enterprise with Complete Flexibility

Email Protection is tailored to meet the requirements of the world's largest enterprises. It empowers you to craft highly adaptable email firewall regulations, applicable globally, at the group level, or individual user level. You have the freedom to establish security protocols and mail routing rules that align with your specific needs, with effortless enforcement. Moreover, Email Protection delivers enhanced flexibility through various deployment alternatives, encompassing on-premises hardware, virtual machine setups, and SaaS (Software as a Service), offering you the versatility to choose the approach that best suits your organization's preferences.
ProoPoint Email Security

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Incident Response


Managed Detection & Response


Brand Identity

ProofpPoint Email Security

Proofpoint Email Security is a comprehensive and advanced email gateway solution designed to safeguard organizations against a wide spectrum of email threats. Leveraging innovative technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, it provides robust protection against both known and emerging threats, including malware, phishing attacks, business email compromise (BEC), and more. Proofpoint Email Security offers features such as email classification, warning tags, and user-friendly interfaces to empower users to make informed decisions about their emails. It supports various deployment options, ensuring flexibility and scalability for organizations of all sizes. With its granular control, rapid search capabilities, and integration with additional Proofpoint solutions, it helps organizations efficiently manage and secure their email communications while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.


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    ProofPoint Email Security

    ProofPoint Email Security Capabilities

    Proofpoint Email Security is an advanced email gateway solution that uses cutting-edge technologies to protect organizations from a wide range of email threats, including malware, phishing, and business email compromise.

    Protect your organization by blocking BEC scams, phishing attacks, and advanced malware at the email entry point.

    Enhance User Awareness By Utilizing Email Warning Tags.

    Email warning tags are a feature within email security solutions that add visual indicators to emails, helping users quickly identify potentially risky or suspicious messages. These tags typically use different colors or symbols to convey the level of risk associated with an email. By using email warning tags, organizations aim to make their users more cautious when interacting with uncertain or potentially harmful emails, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing scams or other email-based threats. This feature can be particularly effective in promoting cybersecurity awareness among users and encouraging them to report suspicious emails promptly.

    Enhance productivity by streamlining email tracing and email hygiene processes.

    ProofPoint Email Security


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