Sysdig is a cloud security and monitoring platform used in Kubernetes, Docker, and other container platforms. Sysdig offers a range of features to ensure the security, monitor the performance, and diagnose issues of applications running in the cloud environment. Some key features provided by Sysdig include Cloud Detection and Response (Workload Security), Permissions & Entitlement Management, Vulnerability Management for Containers and Hosts, Posture Management, and End-to-End (From Source to Run) Cloud Security

Cloud Security Requires Runtime Insights


Vulnerability Management

Within the Sysdig Cloud Security Platform, Vulnerability Management focuses on identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in containers and hosts, enhancing the overall security of cloud-based applications and environments

Posture Management

Posture Management" typically refers to the practice of evaluating and maintaining the security posture of an organization's IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. It involves continuous assessment, monitoring, and remediation of security vulnerabilities and compliance with security policies and best practices to ensure a robust security posture. Posture management helps organizations proactively identify and address security issues to reduce the risk of breaches and cyberattacks

Entitlement Management

Entitlement Management" is the practice of defining, controlling, and managing user permissions and access rights within an organization's systems, applications, and resources. It involves ensuring that users have the appropriate level of access to perform their job functions while also preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and resources. Effective entitlement management is crucial for maintaining security and compliance in an organization's digital environment

Threat Detection & Response

Cloud Detection and Response in container security involves identifying and responding to security threats and incidents within cloud-based container environments, ensuring the security and integrity of containerized applications

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    Cloud Detection And Response (Workload Security)

    Real-Time Detection

    Stop attacks up to 10 times faster.

    End-to-End Coverage:

    Unify security across containers, hosts, cloud services, identities, and third-party applications

    Live Threat Analysis:

    Respond with live threat investigation. See the entire sequence from user to processing

    Permissions & Entitlement Management

    Cloud Identity and Permission Management

    Identify inactive users and identities with excessive permissions. Optimize access policies to grant only necessary privileges

    Define Cloud Identities

    Gain comprehensive visibility into access permissions in AWS accounts and services, including serverless functions

    Apply the Principle of Least Privilege

    Apply the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) and eliminate excessive permissions

    Simplify Audit Reviews

    Meet the specific identity and access management requirements for standards such as PCI, SOC2, FedRamp, and ISO 27001.

    Vulnerability Management for Containers and Hosts

    Scan for security vulnerabilities using container image scanning tools like Sysdig Secure, and reduce security vulnerability noise by up to 95% using runtime intelligence

    CI/CD Security Scanning

    Detect operating system and non-operating system vulnerabilities early by incorporating container scanning before production

    Fewer Tools

    Save time and money by consolidating host and container image scanning into a single workflow. Deploy and scan in seconds.

    Increase Developer Productivity

    Accelerate improvement by providing developers with a package-centric view of security vulnerabilities. Quickly take action by identifying the worst packages and knowing which fixes or upgrades to apply.

    Posture Management

    Gain Deep Visibility

    Obtain visibility into cloud assets, misconfigurations, and suspicious activities using a cloud security posture management tool

    Manage Security and Compliance Posture

    Continuously monitor security and compliance progress across multiple environments against frameworks such as CIS, PCI, NIST, etc

    Prioritize and Address Cloud Security Issues.

    Prioritize fixes that address most security findings by consolidating issues based on root cause and impact

    End-to-End Cloud Security (From Source to Run)

    Discover and prioritize security vulnerabilities, while also having the ability to detect and respond to threats and anomalies, manage configurations, permissions, and regulations

    All Risks in a Single Console

    View all activity across cloud, containers, and hosts

    Prioritize What Matters

    Utilize runtime intelligence to prioritize security alerts and eliminate assumptions

    Fix at the Source

    Reduce resolution time using source-directed remediation through a simple tool

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