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QRadar Overview


Flexible Integration

Flexible integration in the context of QRadar allows for seamless incorporation of diverse data sources and systems into the platform, enhancing its overall functionality and effectiveness

Advanced Correlation Capabilities

In the context of QRadar, 'Advanced Correlation Capabilities' refer to the platform's enhanced ability to analyze and link complex security events, providing a more comprehensive view of potential threats and vulnerabilities

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility" refers to the ability to have a complete and thorough understanding of an organization's network, systems, and data. This entails having insight into all aspects of an IT environment, including endpoints, network traffic, logs, user activities, and more, to effectively monitor and manage security

MITRE ATT&CK %100 Coverage

In the context of QRadar, 'MITRE ATT&CK 100% Coverage' signifies that the platform provides comprehensive detection and response capabilities across all tactics and techniques defined by MITRE's Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) framework, ensuring a robust defense against a wide range of cyber threats

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar® Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) enables cybersecurity teams to prioritize, analyze, and respond to threats targeting your organization. As an integral part of the Zero Trust strategy, it automatically collects and analyzes log and flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints, and applications in your network, generating alerts to expedite event analysis and improvement processes. QRadar SIEM is available for both on-premises and cloud environments


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    Why QRadar?

    SentielOne provides a proactive cyber security solution against today’s cyber attacks with its advanced infrastructure and modern cyber security endpoint solutions.

    QRadar SIEM product enables the collection, processing, and analysis of security data specific to your organization. It helps organizations quickly detect, respond to, and investigate events and attacks occurring in their systems and networks, allowing them to determine the source and impact of these incidents. Additionally, it provides insights into the details of each event, including what transpired during the incident and which systems were affected. Comprehensive visibility empowers organizations to take proactive measures to ensure security and prevent attacks

    Real-Time Threat Detection

    QRadar SIEM enables organizations to quickly detect and respond to events and attacks occurring in their systems and networks in real-time through its offense, rule, and correlation features dedicated to real-time threat detection. With these capabilities, organizations can proactively identify threats, instantly detect and prevent events occurring in their systems and networks. QRadar SIEM conducts real-time threat detection through algorithms and auxiliary applications and plugins. These algorithms and plugins are designed to early detect events and attacks in systems and networks

    The QRadar SIEM product is preferred for several reasons when it comes to flexible architecture. Firstly, it can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations. This allows organizations to easily add the necessary security measures according to their evolving structures. It can be deployed as a physical, virtual, or cloud-based solution, allowing organizations to choose the one that best suits their existing infrastructure. Installation scenarios, such as All-in-one or distributed, offer architectural designs that match the organization’s EPS values, reducing deployment costs. It also provides various licensing models (based on the number of servers or EPS), offering suitable options

    QRadar SIEM is easy and quick to install. Immediately after installation, log sources can be easily integrated through the Log Source Management application on a single page. It centrally collects Event and Flow data from over 700 log sources. QRadar SIEM supports various sources and protocols and can be integrated with numerous third-party tools. Furthermore, it can elevate security levels through the easy integration of APIs and extensions from different products

    QRadar SIEM allows organizations to analyze their security data and generate reports. Reports can be created manually or automatically. These reports encompass various aspects, including the number of security events, types of attacks, system performance, and more. Advanced query results can be included in these reports with applied filters, and the reports generated from these queries can be customized with options like tables, bar charts, pie charts, etc. The generated and analyzed reports can be delivered in different formats (csv, html, pdf, excel). Pre-built reports and templates are available to expedite compliance within the scope of internal and audits


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