Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, Rapid7 stands as a pivotal player with its cutting-edge Cyber Threat Intelligence services. This sophisticated platform is designed to empower organizations by providing comprehensive insights into the latest cyber threats.

Leveraging advanced analytics and a vast network of data sources, Rapid7’s solution offers real-time intelligence, enabling businesses to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities and attacks. Its intuitive interface and detailed reporting system make it accessible for both technical experts and decision-makers, ensuring that all levels of an organization are equipped with the knowledge needed to fortify their digital defenses.

With Rapid7’s Cyber Threat Intelligence, companies can proactively adapt their security strategies, mitigate risks more effectively, and maintain the integrity of their digital assets in an increasingly complex cyber landscape

Rapid7 Threat Command

Platform Capabilities


Accelerate Response

Rapidly convert cyber threat intelligence into actionable responses using seamless integrations with existing SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and firewall technologies, enhancing detection and automating alert responses across your environment

Simplify Workflows

Streamline your SecOps workflows with advanced investigation and mapping tools offering context-rich alerts and minimal noise, complemented by unlimited access to expert analysts for quicker investigations and accelerated alert triage and response

Immediate Value

Quickly operationalize digital risk protection tailored to your organization's footprint with accelerated onboarding and an intuitive dashboard, ensuring a rapid return on investment

Digital Risk Protection

Threat Command proactively safeguards your business by scanning the clear, deep, and dark web, providing contextualized alerts and researching malware, TTPs, phishing scams, and threat actors, while offering comprehensive external threat intelligence, digital risk protection, IOC management, and remediation in a single, all-encompassing solution

Threat Protection Expertise

Our experienced threat detection team, fluent in multiple languages and skilled in infiltrating dark forums used by threat actors, acts as an extension of your security team. They are readily accessible within the platform to answer queries, leveraging years of building relationships and trust with these actors to disrupt threats at their source, making them a secret weapon and a vital asset for your security

Advanced Investigation and Threat Mapping

Threat Command's dynamic asset mapping framework continuously tracks the evolution of your digital footprint, identifying new potential attack vectors and exposure points. It enables automatic correlation of threat actor intelligence with your unique digital profile, providing tailored insights for prioritizing genuine vulnerabilities. This approach facilitates efficient monitoring and remediation, focusing your resources on the most critical aspects of your business's security.

Services Capabilities


Incident Response


Managed Detection & Response


Brand Identity

Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence

Rapid7’s Threat Command offers a dynamic asset mapping framework that constantly tracks and adapts to your evolving digital footprint, identifying potential vulnerabilities and exposure points. It enables the correlation of threat actor intelligence with your unique digital environment, providing tailored insights for prioritizing and addressing genuine security risks. This comprehensive tool streamlines your security management, focusing on efficient monitoring and remediation to protect your business effectively

Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence

Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform Capabilities

Rapid7's Cyber Threat Intelligence provides real-time, comprehensive insights into emerging cyber threats, leveraging advanced analytics to empower organizations with proactive and robust digital defense strategies

Threat Command, with its multilingual analysts and an impressive 85% takedown rate within 24 hours, efficiently manages the removal of digital threats, streamlining coordination with legal teams and monitoring various online platforms for exploits and vulnerabilities, thus significantly reducing digital risks for organizations

Clear, Deep, & Dark Web Protection

Threat Command offers robust protection against dark web threats by providing clear visibility into this hidden realm, ensuring businesses are prepared for potential attacks with early warnings and automated intelligence on vulnerabilities targeting their employees, network, and customers, all powered by advanced AI and machine learning for swift detections and alerts

Threat Command excels in preemptive threat mitigation, offering a unified dashboard for comprehensive real-time visibility into your digital presence across web, social, and mobile platforms, and enabling automated, continuous linkage of IOCs with security events and vulnerabilities. This results in well-organized, prioritized data, allowing for automated and efficient response strategies

Threat Command integrates with your security ecosystem, automating surveillance across all web layers and employing custom research to provide a comprehensive view of threats, while its active directory integration efficiently handles real-time detection and management of credential leaks

Backed by a dedicated team of analysts, our comprehensive threat library offers real-time intelligence through an intuitive interface with advanced search capabilities using regular expressions (Regex), encompassing relevant topics like MITRE ATT&CK framework technique IDs and common TTPs, all consolidated into one clear, streamlined view for effective threat analysis

Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence


Rapid7 Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform has many features in addition to the features mentioned above.

Some of those:

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