Managed Detection And Response Service

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services combine technology and human expertise to provide continuous monitoring and proactive threat hunting for businesses. Unlike traditional security measures, MDR focuses on rapid detection and response to cyber threats, ensuring real-time protection. It includes 24/7 network monitoring, using advanced analytics and threat intelligence to identify potential risks. MDR teams actively search for vulnerabilities within networks, going beyond standard security measures to uncover hidden threats. In case of a cyber incident, MDR provides rapid response and recovery guidance, while also helping organizations improve their overall cybersecurity strategies

Endpoint Security Monitoring Service

After taking the necessary security measures, there is a growing awareness among companies to focus on the areas where employees operate. If you cannot see what is happening in your corporate network, "You cannot manage the points you cannot see," and you may only realize the dangers when it's too late.

There is software available that allows you to define the behaviors a threat actor could exhibit on your end-user networks and servers and turn these definitions into alarms: XDR/EDR PLATFORM

If you answer yes to at least one of the following questions, you need Carbon Black Response!

Unlimited Scale

An organization may have hundreds of thousands of endpoints under surveillance, but a threat actor only needs to compromise one of these endpoints to infiltrate the system. Unfortunately, today's security solutions cannot completely prevent advanced attacks. You need a solution that can scale across your entire organization to detect the attacker and see what they are doing on your corporate network.

Unfiltered Visibility

Investigations that typically take 78 hours can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. XDR / EDR Platform gathers comprehensive information about events on end-user devices, providing a clear picture of responses to events and changes on the device (such as registry changes, executed commands, downloaded files, etc.).

Be Proactive

The average discovery time for a security breach is around 150 days. We even have experience with attackers waiting 1-2 years before taking action. When log and alarm mechanisms are not properly configured and there is not enough experienced personnel, it becomes difficult to notice when an attacker is inside, and finding out what happened can be as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. With XDR/EDR Plarform, you can investigate an incident after a cybersecurity event and proactively make the attacker's job more difficult by designing indicators of compromise (IoC) learned earlier.

Real-Time Response

An attacker can compromise your environment in an hour or less. XDR/EDR Platform provides you with the power to respond and resolve in real-time, stop active attacks, and quickly repair the damage.

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