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FortiMail Security is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect businesses’ email traffic. This system continuously scans incoming and outgoing emails, providing protection against malware, spam, and phishing attacks. Thanks to its advanced threat protection technologies and AI-powered analysis capabilities, FortiMail effectively detects and blocks cyber threats that can occur via email.

This product secures users’ credentials and sensitive data, preventing email-based data breaches. FortiMail is noted for its ease of use and flexible configuration options, making it adaptable to the needs of businesses of different sizes. Moreover, the integration capability of FortiMail ensures seamless operation with existing security infrastructure, allowing businesses to manage their security systems more effectively. For businesses seeking a reliable and effective email security solution, FortiMail is a strong option

Platform Capabilities


Protection Against Email-Borne Threats

FortiMail offers advanced protection such as outbreak defense, content reconstruction, sandbox analysis, and fraud detection, along with strong anti-spam and anti-malware capabilities, to combat email threats like phishing and ransomware

Validated Performance

FortiMail has been independently validated for its effectiveness, earning an AAA rating from SE Labs and a 99.97% Spam Capture Rate from Virus Bulletin, showcasing its high reliability in email security

Fabric-enabled Email Security

FortiMail is an integrated email security solution from Fortinet's Security Fabric, enhancing overall security posture through shared threat intelligence and offering specialized security features for cloud-based email services like Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite, achieved through API-level integration for a safer, more effective email protection experience.

Proactive Email Security

FortiMail addresses all threats targeted at organizations via email, offering comprehensive protection by utilizing the global threat intelligence and insights from FortiGuard Labs, ensuring up-to-date and effective defense against the latest threats.

Multi-Layered Anti-Spam

FortiMail employs multi-layered anti-spam features, using techniques like sender, protocol, and content inspection, reputation analysis, link filtering, authentication, and recipient verification, including IP, domain, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, geographic restrictions, and advanced methods like behavioral analysis and outbreak protection, to consistently detect and block 99.97% of spam in real-world conditions.

Advanced Threat Protection

FortiMail provides enhanced defense against modern threats like business email compromises and targeted attacks, with optional features like content disarmament and reconstruction, sandbox analysis, and sophisticated fraud detection, forming part of its advanced threat protection for effective defense against sophisticated threats.

Services Capabilities


Incident Response


Managed Detection & Response


Digital Forensic

FortiMail Security

FortiMail Security is a comprehensive email security solution from Fortinet, designed to protect against a wide range of email-borne threats. It offers advanced threat protection technologies, including anti-spam, anti-malware, outbreak protection, content disarmament, and sandbox analysis. Integrated with Fortinet’s Security Fabric, it enhances overall security posture and shares threat intelligence, providing specialized security for cloud-based services like Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. Its multi-layered defense system, supported by global threat intelligence from FortiGuard Labs, effectively counters sophisticated threats like phishing, ransomware, and targeted email attacks. FortiMail’s robust capabilities are evidenced by its high spam capture rate and AAA rating from independent testing agencies, ensuring reliable and efficient email security.


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    FortiMail Security

    Why Enterprise Choose FortiMail

    SentielOne provides a proactive cyber security solution against today’s cyber attacks with its advanced infrastructure and modern cyber security endpoint solutions.

    FortiMail offers multi-layered anti-spam, anti-malware protection, and advanced threat detection features

    Email DLP

    It provides comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) and email encryption features to help protect sensitive information

    It is scalable to meet the growing demands of large enterprises

    It strengthens overall security posture by sharing information about security threats with other Fortinet products

    Intuitive control panels and rich reporting features simplify email management



    FortiMail Security has many features in addition to the features mentioned above.

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