OPSWAT OT Security


OPSWAT OT Security

In the realm of Operational Technology (OT) security, OPSWAT stands as a key player, offering cutting-edge solutions tailored to protect critical infrastructure and industrial control systems.

Recognizing the unique challenges in OT environments, OPSWAT’s approach combines deep industry knowledge with advanced technology to safeguard against both traditional and emerging threats. Their solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing OT systems, ensuring minimal disruption while enhancing security.

With a focus on real-time threat detection, robust cybersecurity protocols, and a commitment to continuous innovation, OPSWAT plays a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity and security of vital industrial systems. As cyber threats evolve, OPSWAT’s role in defending critical infrastructure becomes increasingly indispensable, making them a trusted partner in OT cybersecurity

Platform Capabilities


Prevent Breaches with Multiscanning

OPSWAT's OT security multiscanning feature effectively prevents breaches by utilizing multiple antivirus engines simultaneously to scan for and detect a wide range of threats, ensuring comprehensive protection for operational technology systems

Protect Against Malicious Devices

OPSWAT ensures the security of OT systems by rigorously scanning removable media and transient devices for rogue firmware and malware, allowing only trusted devices and verified, clean files to access critical endpoints

Secure Multiple Content and Device Delivery Routes

OPSWAT acts as a guardian for both incoming and outgoing data, meticulously scanning files and devices from various sources, including the internet, network segments, and removable media, to safeguard against malicious content and prevent data leakage

Enable Access to Industrial Data without Disruptions

OPSWAT's Unidirectional and Bilateral Security Gateways isolate secured networks, prevent attack propagation, and facilitate safe IT-OT data exchanges, supporting various protocols with assured reliability and zero data loss

Leader In Industry

OPSWAT is the trusted cybersecurity and compliance partner for over 1,500 leading global critical infrastructure organizations, demonstrating its prominence and reliability in the field

Comprehensive OT Cybersecurity Platform

OPSWAT's Comprehensive OT Cybersecurity Platform provides an all-encompassing solution for protecting operational technology environments from a wide array of cyber threats and vulnerabilities

Services Capabilities


Incident Response


Managed Detection & Response


Brand Identity

OPSWAT OT Security Platform

OPSWAT’s solutions cater to a variety of use cases in OT and industrial cybersecurity, ensuring compliance across diverse scenarios. Their OPSWAT Central Management system allows for streamlined global management of multiple deployments and policies through a unified interface. This platform also enables comprehensive health monitoring and setting adjustments for all integrated systems, enhancing overall cybersecurity management efficiency


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    OPSWAT OT Security Platform

    Why Enterprise Choose OPSWAT OT Security Platform?

    Enterprises choose the OPSWAT OT Security Platform for its comprehensive, robust protection and streamlined management of operational technology cybersecurity

    OPSWAT’s Deep CDR proactively tackles cyber threats by treating every file as potentially harmful, thoroughly sanitizing and reconstructing them to ensure they are safe while maintaining full functionality. This process, termed “deep” for its recursive and comprehensive regeneration approach, supports over 100 file types, providing robust security without relying on traditional detection methods


    OPSWAT’s Multiscanning technology enhances threat detection and prevention by simultaneously utilizing over 30 anti-malware engines, significantly boosting detection accuracy to up to 99% and reducing the time to detect outbreaks, thereby offering a more resilient solution compared to single-engine systems that typically detect only 40-80% of threats

    OPSWAT’s Proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) effectively safeguards against data breaches and compliance infractions by identifying and intercepting sensitive information within files and emails, such as credit card and social security numbers. This solution is compatible with more than 30 file formats, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, CSVs, HTML, and various image files, ensuring comprehensive data protection across multiple platforms

    Using its patented technology (U.S. Patent 9749349), File-Based Vulnerability Assessment identifies vulnerabilities in applications and files prior to installation. This method correlates potential security risks to various software components, including product installers, firmware packages, and other binary files, leveraging data gathered from a wide network of users and enterprise clients. This proactive approach helps in preventing the installation of software with known vulnerabilities, enhancing overall cybersecurity

    MetaDefender Drive offers a feature to scrutinize the supply chain security of software by scanning system binaries and identifying the publisher’s country of origin. This capability is particularly valuable for organizations needing to assess the security of software originating from potentially risky or foreign adversarial sources. It automates what was once a labor-intensive and meticulous process, aiding in the efficient management of supply chain risk

    OPSWAT OT Security Platform


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